I'm a lot of things: a writer, multimedia creator, proud Midwesterner, a Harry Potter-fan. Recently, I've been wearing my journalist-turned-programmer hat and you can most likely find me hunched over my laptop (with a cup of coffee, of course), trying to figure out how to code an exciting (or exhausting) new visualization. I always had an interest in the intersection of journalism and technology, and it led me to pursue my master in Data Journalism from Columbia University. I'm hoping to use my previous knowledge in journalism, my training as a statistician, and the new skills I'm learning in data reporting and visualization to tell stories of importance.  


Stories come in so many different forms. They are hidden in the words we speak and read, the images we see and in the numbers and data we so often ignore. The most moving and powerful narratives come from combining all of those. My goal is to use the tools I have to give a voice to those without, to create a platform for unheard or forgotten stories to be shared.